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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Etching book.

I'm working hard in the studio at the moment putting together a postcard size book. The collection will be about thirty high quality reproductions of these hand coloured copper plate etchings. All drawn in miniature under a magnifying glass. Each copper plate is only 11cm. It's painstakingly slow work but it feels great experimenting and pushing the boundaries of my print work.  
         Over the next month or two i'll iron out the details, but i aim to hand print the covers and do a run that should take a while to sell out. Not as big a run as my last book but enough to stop it selling out the same day. I'm travelling a lot soon so my studio time will disappear, but i intend on making sure its out some time this summer.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Rare and Racy - Sheffield.

Another painting I did while I was up in Sheffield. Rare and Racy is by far my favorite shop in Sheffield. It's been going since 1969 and it's also the very first place I started selling my Zines.

It's future is pretty uncertain. It seems likely that this lovely old block of shops is going to be knocked down to make way for some bland shops or apartments. To see this independent place get replaced by something new and generic seems a sad blow for this part of town.

This is also where I've been finding all my old wrapping paper for my books. I'm now down to the last few boxes of my books online. To celebrate the end of this run i've signed all the ones that are left. I've also cut up all the old offcuts and printing mistakes from my shed each book comes with a scrap of old print from something i've released in the past.

My books are now sold out. There should be a stock of unsigned ones left in several shops. Rare and racy in the north of England and Gosh comics in the south of england. There is also a last delivery to UTBNY for customers stateside who want reduced shipping rates. Expect delays though....I have to carry all these things to the post office and it's a pain.

x phlegm x

Monday, January 26, 2015

The spider - Mosborough, Sheffield.

Sorry for the slow start to the year on here. I've spent the first past few months as a hermit in my garden shed, very busy working on some new books. My Instagram page is the best way to see all that.
    This week i felt the cabin fever set in so i decided to go and find a nice spot to paint. This spider is painted on a huge burnt out barn somewhere along Station road in Mosborough, Sheffield.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 roundup.

Hello everyone
 I started this year working on a big installation in London. Then i managed to injure my neck in the spring which really got in the way of painting for much of the summer. All in all i still managed to get some good work done. Now i'm fully operational and can't wait to get going next year. 

In 2015 i will continue travelling and doing my large scale sanctioned murals but i also want to set aside a lot more time to paint abandoned spaces and spots i find tucked away. I miss the solitude of painting at night and wandering the streets with the foxes. 

Next year i'll also be spending some time drawing for my ongoing book 'in brine' Along side that huge project i'm also planning on getting back to making some smaller zines again. 

Thanks to you all for following my work, and for supporting me by buying my books and prints. 
x phlegm x

Saturday, December 06, 2014

'Fight or flight' Copper etching.

EDIT. 7th dec 15.40 uk time. 

That sold fast. 
Sorry to everyone who missed out this time and congratulations to everyone who got one. I appreciate it very much. 
Good news is there are no oversells. So if you got a confirmation then its ok.  

x phlegm x 

I'll be releasing my print 'fight or flight' this weekend, Sunday the 7th of December 3.00pm uk time.

The print is an edition of 100. All of them will be on sale from my big cartel site on the date and time above. The prints often sell fast so try and get somewhere with a good internet connection!

This print will be £300. The image size is 70cm by 30cm. It's a copper plate etching printed with black graphic chemical ink on Fabriano Rosaspina white paper- 280gsm acid free.

I've worked very hard on these prints and i'm really proud of the quality. I hope you like them. Anyone interested in how i make these prints by hand in my garden shed take a few minutes to watch the process video below. 


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Green Man - Sheffield.

I managed to get a very short stop in Sheffield last week. Just enough time to go on some much needed long walks in the peaks.
    I painted this despite the thick fog and rain rolling in off the hills. It's an abandoned farm house i found just next to the upper parts of Limb Brook
 in ringinglow on the edge of the peaks.

The last two photos in this post were expertly taken by Ladoza.